You’ve decided to have an in-ground pool placed in your back yard and now you have the task of calling every pool construction company in your area to figure out who is going to do the job.  Before you do this , think about the big picture and what is going to be in that yard along with the in-ground pool.  Chances are good, you will have more than just a pool in your back yard and it is important to consider this while you are looking for the right company.

Many people make the mistake of choosing 3-4 different companies for landscaping, pool construction, pool plastering, pool liners, outdoor kitchens, and maybe an outdoor fireplace.  Getting an in-ground pool in your back yard  along with landscaping and other amenities, requires coordination, expertise, and management of the entire project.

You can choose 3-4 different companies and hope everybody communicates or you can choose one company that will do it all and manage the entire process for you from initial planning to completion of a fully landscaped pool in your back yard.

Outdoor Innovations has been serving the twin cities designing and building beautiful outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and quality landscaping for over 20 years.  We take pride in the management of your in-ground pool project and happy to provide references of our many satisfied customers.