There has been an interesting trend in how people choose a swimming pool contractor especially if it is an in-ground or custom pool.  Traditionally, someone looking for a new pool would contact the nearest contractors, get a  few proposals  and make a decision based on price and references.  Once the pool was completed, landscape companies or nurseries might be called to add poolscape or enhance the area with plantings, shade structures, paver pool decks, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces. Looking back, it seems a bit backwards.   Very often, there was not enough room to enhance the space due to inadequate or poor planning in the beginning.

Today, companies like Outdoor Innovations begin the entire design process with a master plan.  This includes encompasses everything from  carefully custom designed layout that brings everything together in perfect harmony.  If the plan includes fireplaces, kitchens and other features,  it is important to plan for that far in advance to maximize space.   How you complete the area around the pool is as important as the pool itself and planning everything in the initial design stages not only saves time and money but working with one company to coordinate everything insures it all comes together nicely.

A few tips on before you start looking for the right company..

References–  This may seem a bit obvious but any legitimate landscaping company will be happy to provide references of projects they’ve worked on.  Also check on Google + to see what customers have said about them.  Simply Google the name of the company and on the right.

Deal directly with the owners- Although there are a lot of professional sales people, it is always best to work directly with the owners of the company.  It is their reputation and integrity that is on the line and if they are taking the time to meet with you and oversee the project, there is less chance for any miscommunication.

Take your time -If the company is pressuring you to sign quickly, that should be a red flag.  If they would like all or  most of the fee upfront, that should also be a red flag.  If they do not have a real office that is also a red flag.  It may seem obvious but it only takes a few minutes to check them out on-line by reviewing their website and other resources.