In Minnesota, we generally have cold winters and they tend to linger into March or and sometimes April.  It is hard to think of swimming in a pool or lounging in the back yard when it is thirty degrees and snowing outside but that is exactly when you should be planning.  The process can take time especially if you are not sure which swimming pool contractor or landscape design company to choose.

The planning design and construction of your in-ground pool takes time and February, or March is never too early to starting the process.  If you are planning a special event like a graduation or a birthday party, planning in advance is very important as there are often things beyond our control and a storm, hail, or even a week of rain showers can move the project out a little bit.

We pride ourselves in meeting or exceeding expectations and it all begins with the planning process.  Our award winning crew will focus on every detail to insure your landscaping project is completed in time and to your satisfaction.