If you’re looking for a new way to keep the family entertained and cut down on your mowing time, then installing a putting green might be the perfect project for you. Having a putting green in your backyard is a fun, unique activity that’s great for all ages, and it gives your backyard the classy look of a country club. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood, and your kids will have a new activity in the summer that you can even modify to be more like a mini golf experience.

When we start a consultation for a putting green, we first measure out your backyard and figure out the best way to work it around your current landscape. Or, if you prefer a complete remodel, we can plan water features, patio space, or softscapes around it. When laying the base, we can also elevate the putting green to set it apart from the rest of your backyard and give the turf some more difficulty and shape. As long as your yard allows it, we can figure out the best design for your needs.

You may still be wondering: how does a putting green cut down on your mowing time? By installing synthetic grass. It’s much easier to maintain then real grass, which would have to be trimmed almost every day, and it’s durable against the elements. If this sounds like a landscape project you would be interested in, then give us a call. We can set up an initial consultation to further explain the process and the estimated cost of it all.