Whether you’re thinking of improving your home’s backyard landscape or business’ outdoor seating area, a semi-sheltered structure like a pergola or pavilion might be the perfect design for your needs. When thinking of a pavilion, the grand, opulent ones from historical buildings might come to mind first, but they can be easily translated to a smaller setting. Essentially, a pavilion just provides shelter from the elements while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a perfect way to add a bit of shelter to your outdoor space and add style to your landscaping.

To protect your interior, a pavilion design will usually have a fully covered pergola and offer a variety of materials for the ground work. Our design specialists find that installing a paver patio for the space will do better against the freeze-thaw conditions of Minnesota and also stands the test of time longer poured and stamped concrete or a wooden deck. The space can be designed to appear like an add-on to your home or set apart so you can really be surrounded by nature. When putting the design together with our experts, they’ll find the ideal concept for what your landscape allows and what you want.

Plus, thanks to the coverage of a pavilion, it really allows people to get creative with their space. It could be transformed into an outdoor living room, kitchen, or dining area—maybe even a combination of all three. Installing a fireplace helps extend the life of the outdoor area in late fall and winter, so you can enjoy a breath of fresh air while staying comfortable. If you think this sounds like the ideal addition for your landscape, then give us a call. Our season has just began, but our schedule fills up quickly.