Are you still determining if it’s worth investing in a pool? Outdoor Innovations wants to help you make that decision.

We’ve illustrated a few (of the very many) benefits having an in-ground pool can have (plus we’ll help you make your summer months even more memorable!)

Reason #1: Provide Summer Entertainment

Whether you’re the house party on the block, or you want a smaller gathering for you and your family, you can easily entertain on those hot summer days. Install water basketball hoops, water volleyball, or maybe even get your floaties and take a well-deserved nap out on the pool! 

Reason #2: Get Your Exercise In

If you’re tired of the mundane workout routines at the gym, switch it out for a swim in your own backyard! Swimming is great aerobic exercise and can be combined with many different variations of work out moves. Whether you’re doing laps or playing chicken with a large group – you’ll get your heart rate up while having fun doing so.

Reason #3: Be more Relaxed

Swimming has an effect on our brains that reduces stress and anxiety. Studies have even shown homeowners with pools are much happier! You can’t beat a nice summer day by the pool.

Reason #6: Add Cosmetic Appeal to Your Backyard

Pools are effortlessly visually appealing. It can turn any mundane backyard into a backyard paradise.

In conclusion, should you invest in adding a pool to your backyard? Our answer – yes. It’s a no brainer when it comes to the benefits of having one. Give Outdoor Innovations a call to start planning your outdoor oasis. We manage your project from start to finish, so you don’t have to.

Outdoor living at its finest!