Just because the Fall season is fast approaching, doesn’t mean you have to shut down the outdoor festivities! This is the perfect time for you to completely maximize your outdoor space. Outdoor Innovations is here to give you ideas on how you can do so this season.

Four Season Porch

Here in Minnesota we can anticipate for warm Summers and chilly Fall weather. Outdoor Innovations suggests investing in a build that compliments each season so you and your family can enjoy year-round. A Four-season porch will do just the trick! With an enclosed area, you’re able to enjoy the sunshine even if it’s a bit brisk out.


Bonfire Pit

What better time to have bonfires in Minnesota? This outdoor add-on is a Midwest staple! After those Friday night football games, you can offer to be the celebratory host with the perfect amount of heat! There’s something very festive and traditional about having your closest friends with you around the fire.


Hot Tubs

In the Summer, we’re all about the pools and having outdoor fun. In the off-season, we definitely love the hot tubs! Outdoor living spaces don’t need to be limited. Outdoor Innovations can assist you in building a relaxed and entertaining environment to enjoy year-round – Specializing in creating that perfect hot tub!

The Minnesota Fall season is the best time to create memories outdoors. The festive holidays and cooler weather are the perfect excuse to be outdoors.