Once you’ve had your outdoor fire pit designed, built and installed by Outdoor Innovations – What are some of the best practices for using it?

In today’s blog we cover a few tips that cover how you can enjoy your newly installed bonfires safely.

  1. Preparation

Preparing your fire pit surroundings is always the first initial step anyone should take. Clearing the area and keeping it open will prevent anyone tripping, or other items outside the fire pit from catching fire.

  1. Material

For wood fire pits you’ll want to have material that will burn efficiently and won’t just create smoke. For example, damp wood creates smoke and causes high risk. You’ll also want to avoid throwing dry leaves in the fire pit (especially on windier days).

A few materials you’ll need to start the fire:

  • Paper
  • Store bought fire starter
  • Charcoal lighter fluid (long stick)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • To light a bonfire, soak the tip of a long stick or a torch type poll in charcoal lighter fluid and use a lighter or a match to safely start the fire. To prevent any vapors from escaping fasten the lid of the charcoal lighter fluid tightly
  • To light a fire pit, you don’t need lighter fluid – just use a commercial fire starter stick with kindling on top. Place several small sticks on top of crumbled paper and light it with a match or lighter. Once the fire grows, you can then add larger pieces of seasoned wood to keep it burning and lasting throughout the night


  1. Putting the fire out

Allow the wood to burn completely to ashes and spread them out until the embers become charred. You can then carefully pour water over until the hissing sound stops.

It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the fire even after it’s been put out. Whenever a fire is involved, safety is always the number one priority.

If you have any questions or want to get started on designing your backyard oasis – give Outdoor Innovations a call today!

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