Sadly, we are fast approaching the winter season here in Minnesota. Not to worry though, as this time of year is the best time to use your hot tub!

Outdoor Innovations covers a few practical tips when it comes to using it this winter.

#1. Investing in a Hot Tub Cover

Right off the bat it would be a great idea to invest in a high-quality cover. The cover insulates against any heat loss in the cold temperatures and will maintain how fast the water heats up. This keeps your hot tub from cracking and lowers your energy bills!

#2. Turning Down the Jets

The jets work by blowing air into the water and therefore can lower the temperatures down.

#3. Be Mindful about Soak Time

Although it may be tempting to stay in your hot tub all day, putting your body in extensive heat in cold and dry air can be dangerous on your body. Limit your time to about 20 minutes.

#4. Keep the Water Clean

It might seem like the hot tub would be fine in the cold winter months without a full cleaning schedule, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Keeping your water clean is essential in sub-zero weather.

#5.  Change Water Earlier

Changing the water in the warmer months will keep from the risks of freezing water damaging your tub. If you’re due for maintenance during the winter season, don’t hesitate to move it further along in the season.

There might be a few items to think about before using your hot tub this winter, but Outdoor Innovations can assure you that it’s well worth it when you’re enjoying it during the freezing cold. Being one step ahead just makes it more enjoyable.

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