Even if you have smaller yard space, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect or compromise on renovations. Outdoor Innovations gives a brief rundown of ideas on how you can maximize your outdoor living space and start planning for 2020.

  1. Elevate

Building in steps / platforms can enhance a space creating more visual dimension. This gives the illusion that there’s more to the space and can be maximized with different sections.

  1. Create one focal point

This can include many different things – such as adding in a pergola to cover a small area, a seating/ entertainment area, or adding in a place for a hot tub.

  1. Keep it Simple

This might seem the most logical but keeping it simple can emphasize the space there is without too much going on. A nice paver deck and a small bonfire can be a minimalistic way of creating a warm and vibrant space.

No matter what the size of yard there is, there’s always room for creativity. Outdoor Innovations is here to design and build the entire project with you, so you can create moments that last a lifetime.

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