Outdoor Innovations has the ability to create one of a kind landscapes using state-of-the-art CAD design software. With a custom landscape design from Outdoor Innovations, you can be sure your yard will be the envy of all of your neighbors. Here is an overview of our typical process, from the initial meeting all the way to project completion.

1. Consultation

The initial consultation allows us to have an on-site meeting to discuss your wants, needs, budget, and goals you have for your dream backyard. This is where our team can scope out any issues we could potentially run into before the project begins, and we can discuss overall base plan measurements. We’ll document, take before photos, and move into the second phase of the project.

2. Draft

This is where your specific project takes shape. All the details discussed from the initial meeting are included in the CAD design. Everything from hardscapes, softscapes, site features, etc. Every item is labeled and drawn to a specific scale. We also include color designs and 3D renderings for a realistic visual.

Once that has been completed, we add the proposal with total cost breakdown – nothing is left out. We then include the plant list so you can see exactly what you’re getting (pictures are included).

3. Design Consultation
We discuss with you in person every detail of the design, how long each part will take, and exactly what each part entails. We also go over the proposal and go over the total costs. During this time, any revisions or changes that you would like to see will be implemented into a new revised design.

4. Project Commencement
Once you have finalized the design and proposal work has been accepted, our work will be scheduled, and the project will have an official start. We can initiate the installation
With our professional landscape install crew that will install your landscape very quickly and efficiently. We show up early in the morning and work well into the afternoon. With our quality staff training, our crew can get a lot of work done in one day itself. Our crews always wear uniforms with our logo on them, they are English speaking and are very courteous. The designer of the project is on the job site every day as well, so any unforeseen problems will be addressed right away.

The last and final step is completion. Our team runs a final walk-through with you on the finalized project. We answer any questions and give you full details on the project. Once that is wrapped up, you are free to enjoy your new dream backyard!

Outdoor Innovations is dedicated to providing the best quality work, top tier designs, and open communication for collaboration of your outdoor living project.

Give us a call today to start the conversation on how you can transform your dream backyard into a reality!

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