Retaining walls are great, multi-purposed additions to a landscape. Both beautiful and structurally important, retaining walls can be used in many ways to enhance a back yard 

Below we’ve complied a quick list of five ways retaining walls can add character to your landscape design. 

Get Rid of Your Deck 

Having and maintaining a deck can be a hassle. Even if you’ve used “maintenance-free” decking, there is still upkeep. Installing a retaining wall with a paver patio can be a great alternative to a traditional deck. You’ll have less maintenance and an outdoor entertaining space that will last. Unlike poured and stamped concrete, pavers can be replaced should they move to our winter freeze/thaw cycle. 

Seating and Entertainment 

If your home is known for being the party house on the block, a retaining wall can be a great way to add more seating to your outdoor space. It will look great and be a long-lasting solution. When you’re ready to add an outdoor kitchen, the paver and retaining wall will fit in nicely as you add to your outdoor entertainment design. 

Dimension and Curb Appeal 

On the opposite end of being an entertainment home, maybe you’re looking to add more privacy to your yard. Retaining walls can create the needed base if you’re building up an area of the landscape to create a more natural fence line. 

Fixing Erosion Issues

Known first for their functionality, retaining walls do just that in retaining your yard from erosion. If your home is on a hill, where you’d like to control the dirt and create new, flat/level areas for sitting or playing, a retain wall is your solution.  

Dress-up Your Plants  

Retaining walls can be great for those oversized trees that might be causing an untidy look. This can help maintain areas without looking cluttered 

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