You’ve decided it. 2020 is the year you will be adding an inground pool to your backyard. While excited, there are many things to think about before starting the process of interviewing installers and choosing accessories.

What are some of the initial factors that will affect the pool you install?

  • The size of your yard
  • The slope of your yard
  • How you plan to use the pool (relaxation, entertainment or exercise)
  • How much maintenance are you willing to do?

One of the first decisions to make is how you plan to use your new pool. For example, a pool used primarily for exercise will likely be a different shape than one used for relaxing and entertaining. A traditional rectangle shape that is long enough for a good workout would be required for this vs a smaller, curved edge pool that would be lovely for relaxing.

Will you pool be used by young children? Adding zero entry access would be nice for young children or elderly who have a hard time entering and using steps.

For relaxation purposes, the sound of running water from a waterfall feature is not only beautiful, but tranquil too.

Multiple benches and tanning ledges are also additions that will make a relaxation pool perfect.

Slides and diving boards will affect the depth of your pool and need to have adequate space allotted to them in your design.


You’ve probably heard that saltwater inground pools are easier to maintain and require fewer chemicals. This may be true, but not everyone wants to swim in saltwater.

One of the next decisions will be what kind of pool deck you’ll have installed. Pavers are a great answer to this since they do well in climates that see large temperature swings from winter to summer. When properly installed, pavers will flex and move with the ground in the freeze/thaw process. This flexibility reduces damage and since pavers are individual pieces, that can easily be replaced without disturbing the rest of your pool deck.

Paver pool decks also don’t require the same level of maintenance poured and stamped concrete decks do.

The experts at Outdoor Innovations can help you walk through the design process for your new inground pool. A one-stop pool and landscape company, Outdoor Innovations is also your resource for retaining walls, outdoor living areas, pavilions, outdoor lighting options and general landscape needs. Contact us today to start planning your new pool.