If there’s anything 2020 has taught us so far, it’s how important it is to have a home that’s comfortable and stylish both inside and out so you like to spend time there. There’s a lot of ways to turn your yard into the oasis you’ve always dreamt about, so here’s some top trends to consider when thinking up your new landscape:

Adding a compost area to your garden.

If you’ve wanted to start composting but didn’t know where to put one or how to incorporate it in your backyard, then it might be time for a new landscape design. It’s important to find an area that’s accessible to you while also having the right soil and sun exposure. An expert landscaper can help with creating a more sustainable plan for your entire yard.

Combining ornamental and edible foliage.

Instead of compromising design for function, the newest trend is combining ornamental and edible plants to create a beautiful, cohesive arrangement. For example, setting aside an area for vegetables and surrounding it in attractive fencing and bushes will still allow you to have a bountiful harvest while maintaining a beautiful yard.

Opting for sustainable/low-maintenance plants.

If you’re tired of mowing and maintaining a lawn, adding more area for a garden or patio means less high-maintenance grass area. For those who also prefer a sustainable backyard, there’s many ways to achieve a more eco-friendly landscape; try adding native plants or ones that retain water better so they don’t need to be watered as much. Plus, adding more plants increases the beauty of your yard and benefits the environment if you choose plants that encourage pollinators.

Adding water features.

There’s nothing like some soothing, running water to complete your new garden oasis. Water features can be a stationary fountain, a running stream, a pond, large fountain, etc.; it all depends on what value you want it to add to your landscape. There are also some ways a water feature can become a way to conserve water by using it to water your plants.

Including paths for leisurely walks.

No matter to size of your garden, a pathway helps you navigate your landscape and avoid tracking around too much mud. Plus, it adds another layer of expert design and cohesion to your backyard as you walk amongst the flowers.

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