With summer coming up, a lot of homeowners are preparing their patios for some fun in the sun. Or, in some cases, they’re preparing in a different way: researching landscaping ideas and companies. Is this the year you finally upgrade or start on your dream outdoor space? Depending on how you like to host, there’s a lot of different ways to create a space to “Make Your Neighbors Jealous”.

Upgrade your grill and accompanying features.

Depending on what you like to cook, we can help find the best grill set up for your needs and install key features like covered storage, counter space to prep, a smoker, and fridge. If you want to grill even when it’s raining, a pergola will help protect you and your outdoor kitchen. Additionally, unique additions like a pizza oven will make your house the place to be in the summer.

Add an outdoor bar.

If you like to grab a drink with friends or invite them over for a happy hour, an outdoor bar might be just what you need. Even if you have an existing patio space, a bartending area can be installed so you have all the supplies you need like storage for glasses, drinks, and a fridge. It can be customized to your needs so you choose the type of seating and whether you want it to be under a covering.

Go poolside.

If you’re more interested in bartending by the pool, there’s also the option of having a pool bar installed. Then your guests can enjoy the water and the drinks you serve up at the same time. Adding other additions like a waterfall, slide, or an area to jump off will give your guests lots to do no matter their age as they enjoy a day at the pool.

Add a pergola.

On those hot summer days, it can be hard to stay outside depending on the kind of sunlight you’re getting throughout the day. If it gets too hot, you might be limiting your outdoor hosting time if one part of the day isn’t ideal to be outside. A pergola helps keep you and your guests more comfortable, and it also protects your outdoor set up from the elements.

We love bringing your dreams to life. Give our landscaping experts a call if you want to discuss additions to your outdoor patio or finally installing that outdoor set up you’ve always wanted. Outdoor Innovations can handle large-scale, luxury landscaping services such as in-ground pools, pergolas, paver patios, and more.