After spending so much time indoors lately, people are rushing to enjoy the outdoors and the warm weather. No need to go the local park to do that; instead, create your own sanctuary in your backyard! There are multiple ways to use your outdoor space, but these are some of our favorite ideas.

Take Your Outdoor Living to the Next Level

If you have always wanted your indoor living area to be bigger, take it outdoors. There are multiple styles and inspirations for outdoor living rooms depending on the coverage you choose. Pergolas are a great way to still be open to nature while enjoying leisurely seating. A completely covered seating area can allow more options like softer seating and a television for endless entertainment.

Do More Than Grill in Your Outdoor Kitchen

You can also add a kitchen area complete with whatever the chef in your family needs: stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, grills, smokers, brick ovens, and more. You can make this space exactly what you want and get outdoor heaters to be able to use the outdoor space year-round.

Turn Your Backyard into a Home Spa

If you have enough indoor living space but are lacking a place to unwind after a long day, turn your backyard into an at-home spa. A hot tub or outdoor sauna will do the trick. Warm bubbling water and steam will help relax your muscles after a long day.

Become the Pool Party House

If you’re more of a swimming family, then an in-ground pool might be just the entertainment you need. There are many ways to customize it to your dream vision: slides, waterfalls, diving decks, upper pools, and more. The type of water (chlorine vs. salt) used can also be customized to your preference depending on how often you want to clean it.

Go from Garden to Oasis

If you want to keep your space more natural, you can turn the garden into your own charming oasis. A pathway through the flowers or a whimsical-looking fire bowls with LED lighting will make your backyard feel out of this world.

No matter what you envision, Outdoor Innovation’s design consultants can help. Set up your free first consultation today!