Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s finally time to pull off the pool cover and enjoy your backyard. However, after a couple seasons of fluctuating temps, you might notice a few more cracks in your pool’s deck. These can be potentially hazardous if they trip up family or guests, and they also distract from your perfect landscaping. If you want to revamp one of the best summer hangouts, look no further than replacing your pool deck with stylish pavers. What makes a paver deck superior? A couple key reasons:


Paver decks are made by individual pavers, or pieces of natural or man-made stones or bricks. They are superior to concrete for multiple reasons—one of which being their durability, which is especially important for four-season climates. After a few seasons of drastic temperature differences, concrete slabs might start cracking as they naturally expand and contract. Unfortunately, the cracks are hard to smooth over, can seem unsightly, and, if they grow too large, can turn into a tripping hazard. Pavers are independent of each other, so they can expand and contract without breaking due to the added pressure of a large surface area.


Because of that individual installation, they can be set in a variety of patterns, offer many different shapes, and also come in a plethora of colors. They are also extremely easy to replace if needed; instead of replacing the entire pool deck, the landscaping specialists will only need to replace the damaged stones.


Stone pavers are also more aesthetically pleasing, and their ROI is far higher than concrete slabs. Not only does it make your home more attractive if/when you sell it, it’s also cheaper than concrete slabs. Most pavers are made from natural stone, which makes them more affordable than concrete, which requires multiple steps and specialized machinery to make.

If you want to revamp one of the best features of your outdoor living space, contact Outdoor Innovations for a free initial design consultation. We are specialists in paver decks and in-ground pool installations.