When you can’t go out, why not get the most out of staying in? However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up indoors. Your yard is the perfect place to treat yourself to a relaxing vacation where you have everything you need.


An in-ground pool will make your backyard look like its own tropical paradise. Cushioned lounge chairs on the patio will make sunbathing feel luxurious, and you can always take a break by installing a large umbrella that will give you lots of shade. Adding on a hot tub will let you switch from hot to cool when it’s a chilly night or you want some relaxing bubbles.

Outdoor Bar

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of your backyard as you sip on your favorite beverages. An outdoor bar will let you either serve family/guests or feel like you’re out on the town as you’re being served. You can also add a grill area to the side so you can serve food as well.

Outdoor Movie Theater

Enjoy the beautiful summer nights while watching your favorite or most anticipated movies. If you have an outdoor living area with a TV, the family can snuggle up and get ready to watch. To get a movie theater feel, a projector set up would allow you a bigger screen that can be rolled up during the day.

Firepit or Fireplace

Go camping while still having the convenience of indoor plumbing – in your own home! A firepit set up, whether you go rustic or modern, will be the perfect place for the family to gather for quality time. The right kind of chairs will also let you snuggle up on plush seats or a loveseat for two. Plus, there’s always the bonus smores treat.

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