As we come upon the end of August, we’re looking towards the official beginning of fall. No need to be sad—this doesn’t mean the end of outdoor time. With the right features, your landscaping can be enjoyed into late fall and early winter.

Use a heated pool or hot tub.

Depending on how your pool was designed, it could have devices that make it easier to control the temperature. In some cases, they can even be solar powered so families can save themselves from the increase on their energy bill. This helps so that as we transition into the cooler fall days, the pool can still be enjoyed.

Warm up with a fire feature in your lounge area.

One of the best ways to enjoy your outdoor space year-round: a fire feature. Whether you choose a fireplace, fire table, or firepit, it will help extend the time you can spend outdoors with a place to warm up. A lot of it depends on the vibe you want for the design. An area like the one above, with a firepit, is perfect for hosting a bonfire night. If you want to create a cozier atmosphere, a fireplace will feel like an extension of your living room, and a pergola or pavilion will help protect your lounge furniture from the elements. A fire table goes great as an outdoor dining area that can be used for socializing and keeping warm.

Feel comfortable in your covered outdoor living area.

As mentioned in the previous topic, there’s always the option of extending your living room and kitchen outdoors. The example above shows an area that includes a covered kitchen, lounge, and dining area. The pavilion allows the occupants and furniture/appliances to be protected from the elements, so it can be enjoyed even when it’s raining. The covering will help the cold, and then heaters or one of those fire features will make it nice and comfortable.

Even when the leaves start to fall, you should get the most out of outdoor time while you can. We hope these ways will help. If you’re interested in adding or expanding your landscaping, Outdoor Innovations can design the perfect outdoor area.