When you finally decide to invest in a large landscaping project, you want it to last and hopefully have minimal maintenance. However, there’s so many choices in materials that it can be hard to choose the perfect one for your needs. One versatile combo we love to recommend: paver patios and fire pits.

Why a paver patio?

  • They are a durable, weather-resistant patio option. We experience a harsh freeze-thaw here in the Northern Midwest, and pavers hold up better compared to stamped concrete.
  • Pavers offer extensive customizable options through their colors, shapes, and size.
  • Many homeowners love the overall aesthetic and the look of natural stones in their landscaping design.
  • They are low maintenance compared to a wood or concrete patio. Wood patios will require more frequent re-sealing or re-staining. As mentioned before, a concrete slab will be more susceptible to the freeze-thaw effect and could crack. It’s much easier to replace some smaller pavers rather than a large concrete slab.
  • It’s easy to add other features like fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, grill stations, and so much more.

Why a fire pit?

  • They bring a warm ambiance to your landscaping. Your family and guests will love to gather around the fire to chat and keep warm on those colder nights.
  • You can choose the fuel that works best for your needs: a wood or gas fire pit.
  • They also come in a variety of styles so you can still keep your design cohesive.
  • Depending on the fuel type, fire pits are perfect for cooking food like hot dogs or smores for an at-home camping night.
  • With their bright fires, they’re the perfect focal point for your landscape. Then you can move out from that center piece, like in the featured photo above, and create an amazing landscape.

Installed together, paver patios and fire pits create a cozy, visually appealing addition to your landscape. We are experts in designing your dream outdoor living, and our services also include swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, softscapes, water features, retaining walls, etc. Contact the experts at Outdoor Innovations to learn more and get a free quote.