While sprawling backyards allow the luxury of more elaborate landscapes, many homeowners have small- to medium-sized yards that can still be turned into a stylish landscape. It all comes down to how your landscaper utilizes the space and the services you’d like installed. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Skip the grass. If you want to save yourself the maintenance, opt for a wood or stone patio instead. Creating a natural path through gravel or mulch can make your backyard a very Zen place to hangout with interesting textures. Then decorate the pathways with lines of bushes or other regional plants.

Consider your maintenance levels. If you’re looking forward to taking care of a garden or other elaborate softscape designs, then work with landscapers to create a beautiful green oasis. If you’re more interested in having a place to host, then adding a patio with other features makes more sense.

Add water or fire features. Depending on the type of landscape you want, adding these extra features will bring it to a new level without taking up too much room. There’s lot of custom water features to choose from like fountains, ponds, or streams, and they can be easily incorporated into your softscape or hardscape. If gathering around the fire fits your needs more, then firepits, fireplaces, and fire tables will be perfect for your yard.

Don’t be afraid to add a patio. Some homeowners might think a patio will dominate their space too much, but it’s actually a great way to organize the yard. Splitting the landscape into a hardscape (the patio) and softscape (bushes, garden, etc.) area can often make a backyard seem larger—as long as it’s designed by an expert. Then you know every area is used to its full potential. Plus, a patio opens up many opportunities like adding a condensed outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area.

Find an in-ground pool expert. If you’re set on trying to fit a pool in your backyard, then make sure you find an expert to access your landscape. They will help you plan how big the pool could be and the type of surrounding patio you can include.

Essentially, it all comes down to how your landscaper designs the space according to your preferences and their expertise. Our landscape experts at Outdoor Innovations have worked with yards of all sizes, and we look forward to helping your landscape reach its full potential.