Believe it or not, we’re only a few short weeks away from 2021. To prepare, we’ve already done some research on the trends to expect in the new year, which also take into consideration the jobs we’ve already got lined up. If you’re still on the fence about whether 2021 is the year to schedule a landscaping project, here’s some ideas to imagine in your backyard.

In-ground Pool

Pools are a great way to stay cool in the summer, avoid the crowded aquatic centers/beaches, and get some exercise. They became especially popular in 2020 since families were staying home, so many landscaping/pool installation companies were booked solid. Because of that demand, we expect a similar popularity in 2021.

Outdoor Living Areas

When you want fresh air but to still lounge around, an outdoor living area is the best compromise. They can be customized to include whatever you want: a large outdoor couch, a fireplace to keep warm, and even a TV to have outdoor movie nights.

Veggie Gardens

There’s so many ways to enjoy a garden whether it’s for the flowers or home-grown produce. In 2021, we predict a lot of interest in growing your own veggies and fruits. When you hire an expert to help plan it out, then you get the benefit of understanding your landscape better. Our specialists know which plants are native to the region, where the garden should be installed for ideal sun exposure, and whether they should be raised or ground-level.

Backyard Oasis

When homeowners prefer a low-maintenance garden, we also talk about the benefits of adding a pathway or water feature to turn it into a relaxing outdoor space. Planting native, wild plants requires less maintenance, and then they also take up lawn space that would usually be mowed. A pond or waterfall will make it a perfect getaway right in your backyard. Also, adding seating or a gazebo to it will allow you to sit and enjoy your garden whenever.


After all the socially distanced hangouts of last summer, a lot of people discovered how fun it is to just get together by a fire and chat. If they didn’t have their own firepit area before, then homeowners might be interested in getting one for 2021. When you hire expert landscapers, you can invest in more than just a firepit: customize it to include a paver patio to avoid muddy shoes, lots of comfortable seating, and maybe a hot tub to switch up ways to warm up on those chilly nights.

To learn more about how you can take your landscaping to the next level, contact the experts at Outdoor Innovations. We’ve served the Twin Cities metro for over 13 years.