No matter where you live in, the nights can get cold when you’re hanging out in your backyard. Add some warmth and ambiance to your landscaping with one of these fire features.


A great choice for those who love function and design. They come in many varieties so you can choose the style you’re going for, how big you want it to be, and the type of fire starter. Typically, they do not offer wood options but gas or electric instead, which allows you to use the table for eating without worrying about sparks.

Fire pit

A popular choice for those who want a place in their backyard to gather and socialize. They come in every shape, size, and design you can think of, and they offer any of the top three fire choices: wood, electric, or gas. If you want to use the firepit for roasting marshmallows, for example, then you would want a wood fire pit. They can also be installed as an in-ground or above ground feature.

Fire bowl

While similar to a fire pit, fire bowls are typically designed as an above ground feature, and they focus on design rather than functionality. If you have a lot of people to warm up, this might not do the job as quickly. However, they will add an ambiance to your landscaping, and could potentially be moved around since they’re more lightweight than fire pits.

Outdoor Fireplace

If you’re looking to extend your indoor living to your backyard, then a fireplace might be just the feature for you. It gives a higher heat output so you can cozy up on those cold nights, and it instantly gives the space a homey feel. An expert, built-in one will also be made to withstand the elements so you can extend the life of your investment. Additionally, they offer the same versatility in design as indoors ones do, so you can match it to your outdoor décor.

Fire columns

Similar to a fire bowl, these are more beneficial for landscapes looking to get the most out of their space. Because they’re working with a vertical design, they take up less room than most other fire features. This allows homeowners to still get the ambiance of a fire feature in their landscaping without sacrificing space.

Patio Heater

If your top priority is warming up your patio space, then a patio heater would be your best choice. While it’s not technically a fire feature like the other options, this device still has the same function in a more efficient way. They come in many different models and can be placed on the ground or installed as a wall mount.

If you’re still not sure which feature works best with your current or dream landscaping, then contact Outdoor Innovations for expert landscaping installation services.