As we all learned in 2020, sometimes life throws a curve ball, and you’re stuck at home trying to keep yourself busy. While some people got bored, others discovered that they really enjoy family time or just chilling at home. Even if you are looking forward to getting out more in 2021, there’s almost no downsides to investing in a better outdoor living space that can entertain the whole family. Here are some great ways to elevate your landscape:

Turn Your Outdoor Living Space into a TV Room

Get some fresh air at your next movie night. Like in the featured photo above, upgrading your outdoor space to essentially be your second living room makes outdoor time much more fun. A covered pergola will protect all of your accessories and furniture, and then you can add some other weather-resistant features like a fireplace or fire table to keep warm on chilly nights. Adding a small bar or wine fridge will be the cherry on top to your new and improved outdoor living space.

Go from Grill to Kitchen

While many Midwesterners have a grill, they don’t have the full set up to make outside cooking a breeze. Instead of going in and out of the house, have everything you need in your outdoor kitchen. The right design will include everything you need like enough counter space, a fridge, storage for your grilling tools, a sink, and maybe a smoker or pizza oven as well. Then the whole family can relax outside for the night and keep each other company as you cook your meal.

Cool Off With an Inground Pool

Last year inground pools were in such high demand that landscaping companies across the country were completely booked, which means some homeowners had to wait until 2021 to officially get their new pool. It’s no surprise why pools were in hot demand—they’re great for exercise, cooling off in the summer, and keeping the whole family entertained. Plus, with the right features, you can have even more fun with a water slide, waterfall, and diving board. Adding a hot tub makes it easy to switch between exercise and relaxation.

If any of these upgrades sound like just the thing your backyard is missing, give Outdoor Innovations a call to get an estimate and discuss design. Our landscaping experts are well-versed in planning and installing luxury outdoor spaces to your already existing landscape.