Your landscape has been through a lot of snow and freezing temps this winter, so it might need a little bit of upkeep this spring before the busy summer season starts. Here are 3 areas in your outdoor kitchen that will most likely need your attention.


Before you start grilling for the season, it never hurts to give the grill a good clean. Burnt food and charcoal will easily built up over time, so starting with a fresh canvas, essentially, will help when cleaning time comes around again. Scrub the interior with a grill brush to get rid of the initial layer and then take the cooking grates and heat plates out to clean separately with hot water and a strong detergent. When that interior area is open, you should also wash the bottom and inside of the lid as well. Finish it off by wiping down the exterior of the grill with a mild detergent and hot water.


Your fridge was hopefully cleared out before the winter, but that should be done before your busy outdoor season starts. Outdoor fridges are weatherproofed, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. If they’re not installed into a counter, check that they didn’t sustain any damage during the winter. Then, give them once last clean or wipe down.


Just like an indoor kitchen, your counters and sink should be wiped down after and before use. This is especially important for an outdoor kitchen that will collect the dust and debris in the air, which we see a lot of during the spring months when pollen count is higher. If your countertops are granite, the spring may be the perfect time to reseal it. Granite is great for outdoor use, but it is also porous, so they can stain easily without the proper maintenance.

We hope these quick tips help you maintain your outdoor kitchens this spring so you can have a full summer of grill outs. If you’re interested in learning more about the price and logistics of having your own outdoor kitchen, give Outdoor Innovations a call to learn more.