Hardscaping refers to stone-like or man-made features—boulders, stone walls, paved paths—being integrated into a landscaping design. However, did you know they also include fireplaces, fire pits, pergolas, fountains, retaining walls, and more? There are so many ways to customize and create the perfect landscape for your home, and it involves a careful balance of hardscape additions. Here are some of the benefits to adding these features:

Extends and defines the space.

Pathways, retaining walls, and patios especially will help expand and define your space. To help guide traffic, pathways can be used through the garden, on the side of the home, and other places that you want to show off to visitors. A patio attached to your deck or on the ground by your backdoor will be a welcome area to host family and friends. A retaining wall will even out a hilly backyard so it’s easier to navigate and steps could make it safer to enter the space.

Adds dimension.

While a landscape that relies heavily on softscapes, or plants, will bring a colorful aesthetic to your property, adding hardscapes bring some much needed contrast so your space looks larger and more inviting. Whether you choose to add hardscapes to the gardens, such as boulders or benches, or add social features like a fire pit, they will really allow your landscape to be used and admired.

Creates shade and privacy.

Adding pergolas or large umbrellas to your patio or pool deck will give family and friends a place to relax without worrying about getting burned. Plus, adding in a fence or retaining wall in the right areas can help create more privacy to enjoy your landscape in comfort.

Reduces erosion.

If homeowners are worried about erosion in their softscapes, the right landscape designers can plan a design to help slow down the natural erosion that happens to land. Placing barriers, like boulders or retaining walls, can help slow down that process and keep the ground in tact for longer.

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