It’s grilling season, which means some homeowners will be looking at their current set up and wondering how they can improve it. With a landscaping expert on your side, one grill can become an outdoor kitchen equipped with everything you need.


Save yourself the room and add on a grill to your outdoor kitchen that better utilizes the space. By working with an expert landscaper, you can also find the type that works best for your needs whether that’s by size or how it’s powered (popular options are infrared, propane, and electric).

Outdoor fridge

Instead of having to go in and out of the home, you can stash all the frigerated supplies you need in the outdoor fridge when cooking or hosting. It’s also a great place to keep drinks stocked so the family will always have some water or pop nearby to avoid overheating.


Unless you want the hassle of bringing supplies back and forth between the home and backyard, having a set of utensils, grilling accessories, plates, and bowls outside will make it much easier.


When you want that authentic barbeque flavor, a smoker is the best way to improve your cookout game. It really locks in that smoky flavor so you can experiment with smoking times and marinades to become the best barbecue on the block.


Cleaning as you go makes a grill-out so much easier when you’ve got a sink outside. Plus, you can do a lot of your prepping outside and store dirty knives or cutting boards in the sink as you switch between that and cooking.

Pullout Trash

Including a trash cabinet that you can pull out whenever you need it helps keep your outdoor kitchen organized and clean without taking up too much space. If the homeowners want, they can also include a dual recycle space next to it as well. Just remember to empty it out at the end of the day.

Counter space

All that prepping, cooking, and plating takes up space, so having a custom counter design will really allow your griller to get the most out of the outdoor kitchen.

Overall, all of these features are the best way to maximum your space so that you have everything you need outside for easy access. It helps keep your house clean thanks to less foot traffic and cooler so air won’t escape with every opening door. Give Outdoor Innovations a call if you want to start designing the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.