One of the best ways to elevate your outdoor kitchen: equip it with all the best features you need during those hot summer days. Instead of guests or family going in and out of the house, which lets out all the cold air, it’s easier to create an outdoor space that lets you properly stock up.

Outdoor refrigerator

This feature is not always on a client’s wants list, but it’s an especially useful part of an outdoor kitchen. Even if the outdoor kitchen will be limited, there’s many different kinds of weather-safe options to consider. Once you have a fridge, with potential freeze part as well, then you can safely store meat for the grill, side dishes, condiments, and ice cream close at hand. This saves you time and helps prevent food from accidentally spoiling in the hot summer temps.

Ice Maker

Entertaining guests and avoiding sunstroke is the best reason for also fitting an ice maker into your outdoor kitchen design. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so they can be accommodated to most kitchen setups. Then, you’ll always have ice on hand for drinks so the whole family can stay cool.

Wine Cooler

A special feature for the adults, a wine cooler will keep your favorite summer wines and other alcoholic beverages at the ideal temperature. These are different from conventional fridges because they are designed specifically to hold beverages. It’s easy to stay organized by keeping food plus non-alcoholic beverages in the fridge and then all alcoholic beverages in the wine cooler.

Cold Beverage Bin

If you’d like to avoid guests constantly opening and closing the door to the fridge, then try storing drinks in a cold beverage bin instead. Have it built into the counter for easy access, and then once it gets close to guests arriving, fill the bin with ice and all of the drinks you’re offering. It’s just like having a beach cooler but much more stylish; all of the important, non-perishables will stay cool in the fridge.

There are so many ways to upgrade your kitchen to make it easier on everyone: the hosts and the guests. If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space, give the experts at Outdoor Innovations a call. We have designed outdoor kitchens of every size and budget, and we will work with you to achieve the customized landscape of your dreams.