When you look around at your landscape, do you get the feeling that something is missing? Such as a way to stay warm on those chilly nights, some cozy atmosphere vibes, or more natural lighting? The answer you’re looking for could be adding a fireplace.

Aesthetic Appeal

Think about how you want to elevate your current landscape or what kind of style you want your new landscape design to give off. While the majority of fireplaces will use stone for their structure, there’s many shapes and color to choose from. Because of that, they can come in many different styles, so you can choose one that’s more rustic or modern for example. Plus, different materials are sometimes needed for a wood fireplace vs. a gas fireplace.

Wood vs. Gas

These are the two most popular types of outdoor fireplaces. A wood fireplace will really give you the ambiance of a crackling, hot fire, but it does require more maintenance. The ash needs to be cleaned out and special treated wood gathered for the fires. A gas fireplace is typically cheaper and has controlled flames, but it will lack that authentic crackling wood sound and the smell of a fire.

Host a Cookout

Another plus to a wood fireplace: using it to cook, grill, and roast food. If the family just feels like gathering around the fire to relax and eat, you can set out a platter of food to cook for an easy dinner. Then, go for the campfire tradition and grab supplies for s’mores. When hosting, you can also go this route and have a cookout that everyone can participate in.

Stay Warm

Both types of fireplaces will keep your family warm on chilly nights—especially if you have a cozy living area set up right in front of it. Then everyone can get settled into their favorite couch or chair and chat late into the night without worrying about the cold.

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