There’s nothing like enjoying your landscape on a hot day while staying out of the sun. A pavilion can be identified as an area that’s covered by a structure on the top with open sides, and it’s a highly requested addition from homeowners. You’ll often see them as a place for shelter in parks, but they’re also ideal in backyards for so many reasons.

Enjoy outside while protecting yourself from the sun.

A pavilion allows your landscape to have a functional space that’s perfect for getting out of the sun and relaxing. You can choose to customize the space under it in so many ways: use it as an outdoor living space complete with seating and a TV, use it for your cookouts by installing an outdoor kitchen area, use it for entertaining by turning it into an outdoor bar, and much more.

It acts as a focal point.

If your landscape looked unfinished or unbalanced before, a pavilion does an excellent job of tying the design together. It acts as a focal point by attracting the eye, which naturally adds appeal. Depending on how the rest of the landscape is set up, it can be easily be incorporated into an existing patio or garden area. Then, when you have guests over, they’re automatically drawn to this large structure where you will most likely have seating for them.

It’s a low-maintenance structure.

Unlike an outdoor kitchen or water feature, a pavilion will not need much upkeep. Over the years it may need some repair once in a while if you had a strong storm pass through and damage some of the roof, but its otherwise a solid investment for homeowners. Typically, the pergola parts are constructed to be durable for all types of weather, which makes them ideal for the Midwest’s four-season region.

It adds value to your property.

In general, a pavilion is a good investment because of the value it adds to your property and hosting abilities. As soon as its installed, it will become the go-to place for family and friends to hang out, and they can relax in comfort as they’re protected from the sun and rain. Plus, whether you plan to sell sooner or later, it’s a benefit for most interested homebuyers to have a finished landscape. That pavilion will automatically increase the value of your home.

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