The landscape around your home is the perfect opportunity to let your style shine through. We proudly create one-of-a-kind landscapes using CAD software and our expert knowledge of this specialty work. Essentially, the step-by-step process goes like this:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Draft
  3. Design Consultation
  4. Project Commencement

Many homeowners aren’t sure on whether or not it’s time for them to invest in or upgrade their landscape, so we offer a free consultation to help them decide the best course of action. We take their ideas and show them how they can become a reality. Budget-wise, we also offer free estimates to help them know how much they can expect to pay or finance. To help know what to expect, we also like to set the consultation up as an on-site meeting so we can see the extent of your property. If you have big plans but a controlled budget, we can even set up the job in phrases. We’ll discuss future goals, what makes sense to install now vs. later, and how there could even be possibilities for free landscape additions.

From that consultation and the pictures we take, we design a CAD version of your job so you can visualize it. We label all details and draw it to a specific scale so that you see the entire job neatly laid out. If you are using any softscape services, we also outline the plant list. Additionally, a detailed proposal is written up so you know the exact costs. A second meeting is set up to go over all of these materials, and then we can also answer any questions and talk about potential revisions.

It might take some back and forth, but we are committed to excellent customer service even in the beginning stages of a potential job. Once the proposal has been accepted, the work can be scheduled, and our team can begin the process of bringing your dream landscape to life.

Our top services include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Outdoor living
  • Structures
  • Pavers
  • Retaining walls
  • Custom features

If you’re thinking about adding on to your landscape, give us a call to start discussing design and budget. Outdoor Innovations have served the Twin Cities since 2007.