While we love installing pools, and they’re always a popular choice for our jobs, we can also do so much more to transform your exterior into the perfect landscape.

Our hardscape services, or structures and pavers, are a great way to add on to your design. An inground pool always needs a pool deck to surround it, and pavers are the best option. Minnesota especially deals with the freeze-thaw effect thanks to our four-season weather, so the pavement used will contract and expand naturally. This causes cracks over time, but pavers are a great option to help avoid that. Instead of large slabs of pavement that will shift, the smaller pavers will hold up better. Then, you can surround your pool with them and even create a pathway from your back door or even the front of the house.

Additionally, the most popular structures we install to complement a pool are a pool house, pavilion, and pergola. What’s the difference?

Pool House: a fully covered structure with a roof and four walls. It’s a great place to store all of your pool items and even furnish if you want another place to hang out.

Pavilion: a structure with a real roof so you can protect whatever is under it from the elements. It does not typically have any walls, just columns, so it is still an open-air option.

Pergola: a structure with an open roof that lets some light in through the roof. Perfect for sitting areas where you still want to let some light in to bask in the sun, but you don’t want to get burned. They can be customized to let in as much light as you want.

Next to a pool, these structures present the perfect place to relax and hang out after a long day of swimming. You can even opt for two if you have the room. A pool house for storage, and then a pergola-shaded area that lets you avoid most of the hot sun while still not cutting it out completely. Adding in other hardscape additions like a retaining wall or boulders will truly tie the whole landscape together, and then you have a stylish place to relax outside your home.

As experts in all of these landscape services, Outdoor Innovations can help plan and install the backyard of your dreams. Give us a call to start your consultation.