While we love the mild temps of fall, a lot of people also start to head inside to their heated rooms as days get colder. Plus, with the days getting shorter, homeowners don’t want to hang out on their patio if it doesn’t have a heat or light source. Luckily, a fireplace can check off both those boxes.

It keeps you warm.

The biggest benefit to this feature: you get to stay warm and enjoy your outdoor patio longer into the season. When the fall chill has started to set in, you’d probably prefer being inside where it’s warm under lots of blankets. Once you have an outdoor fireplace, you can do that same thing outside. Enjoy the fresh fall air and the stunning views while staying warm.

It has so many options.

If you already have an existing outdoor living area or if you’re designing one, some people might think a fireplace will be hard to include with their preferred style. Luckily, even outdoor fireplaces come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you prefer a modern or rustic style, there’s most likely a fireplace out there to fit your landscape. Plus, you can choose the type that’s easiest for your needs: gas, wood, or electric. If you’re not a fan of having to stock up on wood, then a gas or electric would be the easier choice.

It creates ambiance.

No matter the type of fireplace you have, it will create a soft, natural glow in your outdoor living area that makes it so much more inviting. If you choose to have a wood fireplace, then you will also get the benefit of hearing that well-loved crackling sound. However, for many, a wood fireplace is too high maintenance, so homeowners should not rule out a gas or electric one. While you may not get the noise, you can still admire a beautiful fire as it gives your sitting area a warm glow.

It adds value to your home.

To many homeowners, they first consider a fireplace because it’s a good investment into the life of their landscape. Now, they can enjoy it for longer even as the chill starts to set in. However, it’s also a great overall addition to their home value, so they can get more out of their home if they ever choose to sell.

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