Once you’ve decided that 2022 is the year you’re going to invest in your landscape, it’s time to start planning. The end of the year can actually be the perfect time for this as you consider your budget for next year and landscaping companies have slowed down in their off season. While the job won’t be able to be completed until the weather warms up, landscapers might be able to follow up quicker now that they’re not incredibly busy.

Research. Finding the right landscaper for the job just takes some online searching or asking around. If you have some friends or family who’ve gotten work done recently, then ask them how it all went and if they would recommend their landscaper. Keep in mind, however, that landscaping companies can be booked out far in advance, or they don’t do jobs like the one you want. Avoid keeping all your eggs in one basket and do some of your own research on local companies. Make a list of who you like, and then start sending out some inquiries. Eventually, it’ll get down to who can complete the job, schedule, and budget you want.

Create. Get some inspiration from social media, blogs, and other houses around you. What have you always wanted in your landscape, and what are you interested in learning more about? It’s good to have all of your ideas written down, and then you can label them by what you really want included and what’s more of an extra. This could help once it comes down to the budget.

Be sure to consider both hard- and softscape features to keep the landscape balanced. Also think about how you already use your backyard or how you’ve always wanted to. If you grill out or host outdoor parties often, then adding a full outdoor kitchen would definitely be a solid investment. Adding a pool, for example, can be a great way to get more outdoor exercise, and a hot tub will be perfect for relaxing. Have fun thinking about a landscape design, but also be realistic for your space and budget. A landscaper can help be the voice of reason when planning it all out.

Budget. Compromises are an important part of this step. A large landscaping job may need to be spaced out between years, so make sure you really consider what features you definitely want or would be most beneficial to add first. You’ll need to consider what’s most affordable to you and the average cost of a certain landscaping service. For example, if a full pool isn’t in the budget for next year, you could start with upgrading your deteriorating retaining wall and adding more softscape.

If you’re in the process of planning this all out, give Outdoor Innovations a call to get an estimate and discuss design. Our landscaping experts are well-versed in planning and installing luxury outdoor spaces to your already existing landscape.