Every pool needs a deck, but there are different kinds of pavement to consider. Our top choice: pavers. We prefer these for a multitude of reasons, but here are the top considerations:


In a four-season climate, pavers are definitely the way to go when considering the freeze-thaw effect. When stamped concrete patios are installed, they’re essentially just large slabs of concrete with some indents in them. Because of their size, they’re more prone to breaking and cracking when dealing with fluctuating temperatures. Pavers are much smaller and individually installed, so if a couple of them are showing damage down the line, you can simply get those replaced instead of the entire slab. When used for a pool deck, they’re especially nice because they are chlorine- and salt-resistant. The texture on them also helps to avoid slipping when wet for the safety of all swimmers.


Pavers come in a large variety of shapes, designs, and colors. The job above used gray pavers, but we have installed many others in colors like brown, tan, red, and so much more. Certain designs can also be laid out, like how we used lighter pavers to outline the grass and pool. The size of the pavers you want and the shape of them can also be available in many different options. Additionally, the pavers can be used to add pillars or planter boxes to add to the design around your pool.


While they do take more labor to install because of the individual bricks, and pavers may overall cost more than poured concrete, they are still a great investment into your home. A patio of any kind adds a lot of value to your property, and a paver patio will last longer and be easier to repair than concrete slabs. This will be attractive to potential buyers if you choose to move and to your wallet long-term as normal wear and tear affects the concrete.

In general, we want the best for our clients, and we have found pavers to be the ideal investment for their pool decks. Outdoor Innovations has been elevating landscapes in the Twin Cities metro since 2007. Contact us if you’d like to talk about upgrading your outdoor living.