There’s nothing better than getting into a pool on a hot day, but even warm weather can’t beat the relaxing quality of a hot tub. If you’re thinking about adding on an in-ground pool to your landscape, why not consider the benefits of including a hot tub too? Whether you want an in-ground or above-ground one, they’re great for many reasons.

Year-Round Use

Now that we’re into winter, homeowners may feel like they don’t have any use for their outdoor living when it’s too cold to enjoy. Luckily, a hot tub keeps the water warm no matter the season, so you can enjoy it whenever. It can be the perfect way to wind down and warm up after a long day. Just make sure you have a durable, insulated cover to help keep the heat in when not in use and to avoid contaminated snow or slush mixing in with the treated water.


Stress can affect your health in many negative ways, which is why terms like “self-care” have become so popular. A hot tub’s warm, relaxing waters will ease your muscles and any tension, which end up having a calming effect on your body. Then, when your body is relaxed, your mind can follow. The warmth also helps improve blood circulation, which helps reduce a number of issues like anxiety, joint/muscle pain, arthritis, and hypertension. Just make sure you’re following the guidelines and don’t stay in the water longer than recommended.

Curb Appeal

While a pool already ups the aesthetic and value of your home, a hot tub is the cherry on top to an already impressive landscape. When you have the pool open in the summer, friends and family can exercise by swimming in the pool, and then they can finish up their workout with a hot soak. Potential buyers find this a very appealing luxury pair, and it may be the deciding factor on an offer. Even if you decide not to sell anytime soon, it’s an impressive feature to show off when hosting get togethers.


If you’ve already been thinking about adding a pool to your landscape, we can help you decide whether or not a hot tub would work depending on your budget and wants. The landscape experts at Outdoor Innovations love bringing your ideas to life, and we’ve proudly been doing so since 2007. Contact us if you’d like to talk about upgrading your outdoor living.