Why spend too much money at the movies when you can have your own outdoor viewing area at home? Depending on how you want to use the available space, you can choose how much of it you want to be a home theater or if it will be a combination of outdoor living area with a screen. Think of all the elements that usually go into an indoor movie theater room:

  • A lot of cushy seating for everyone to enjoy the movie in comfort. If you wish to also use to space for hosting, then you can find nice patio furniture that can be moved for optimal viewing.
  • Add in a great sound system. While an outdoor theater won’t have the same acoustics as in indoor one due to the open air, you can still invest in a top-notch sound system to get those cool movie sound effects for the viewers. Speakers will need to be installed in higher areas as well, so it’s essential to have the space built under a pergola or pavilion.
  • Lighting will have to be chosen carefully so you can still maneuver the space in the dark without ruining the picture on the screen. Floor lights can be added to the viewing area so everyone can move around safely.
  • Choose between a drop-down movie screen or a large digital TV. For some homeowners, they use their dedicated movie room as an elevated TV viewing room, so they just invest in a large, flat screen TV. When going for the full movie experience, a drop-down movie screen can often be much larger and take up a whole wall if desired. A top-of-the-line projector just needs to be installed, so the area will once again have to be covered in some way unless it can be installed on the home.

Once you’ve decided with your landscaper how you want to area to look, you can also add other outdoor living additions that can really take it to the next level.

A fire feature will create a cozy ambiance and keep all the viewers warm so you can use the area well into late fall. If you want it to be a place to eat food as well, then a fire table would be a great option. If you want it to be a gathering place for cooking food like hot dogs or making s’mores while you watch the movie, then a fire pit would be ideal.

An outdoor kitchen built in the same space will allow you to have all your movie snacks and drinks ready to go. Popcorn can be made on the stove, or the family can sit down to eat their dinner as they watch a movie. A wet bar will also make it the perfect place to host movie nights with friends.

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