A new year calls for new trends. If you’re thinking this is the year for a landscape upgrade, here are some ideas to consider:

Expanding the garden for growing.

Homegrown veggies and fruits continue to be a popular hobby and way for homeowners to get outside to enjoy their landscaping. To do that, however, they need a dedicated area. Raised beds or sectioned-off areas specifically for growing keep the landscape organized. Including a pathway around the beds also helps minimize the need for mowing, while also enhancing the overall aesthetic. 

An in-ground pool with additions.

Pools have always been a popular upgrade to a home, but they became an especially hot commodity after the 2020 quarantine. Along with all the fun that comes with having a pool, it’s often the fun additions that make it. This includes slides, waterfalls, diving boards, and nets. With even more fun activities to do like water volleyball or a cannonball competition, families can stay entertained all summer long.

An outdoor movie theater.

With so many streaming services releasing movies, the need for an at-home movie theater experience has increased in interest. However, keeping it to one room inside can be limiting, so homeowners have started to explore the option of having a drop-down screen and projector installed in their outdoor living area. Add in some custom lighting and sound system, and you’ve got the perfect area to fit more people for a movie viewing while also enjoying the weather.

Upgrading your grill to an outdoor kitchen.

As seasoned grillers know, it can be tedious to go in and out of the home to grab supplies, food, and other necessities. With a custom outdoor kitchen, you can keep all that outside right where you need it. A fridge keeps the uncooked food cold, storage will hold all the grilling tools, a sink will help clean-up, and lots of counter space will make preparation easy.

Taking your work outside.

While many are still choosing to work remotely, it can also be stifling to be inside all the time. Instead of keeping to only the home office, homeowners are looking into expanding or updating their landscaping so they have a place to go outside and work. A covered area makes sure they’re protected from the elements, and lots of different places to lounge gives them freedom to choose how they want to work.

If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space, give the experts at Outdoor Innovations a call. We have designed outdoor kitchens of every size and budget, and we will work with you to achieve the customized landscape of your dreams.