When transforming your backyard into a relaxing oasis, many homeowners think about the benefits of a water feature. One of the most popular options: a pond. However, there are many details to consider before you commit to this feature.

The Visual Appeal

Adding a pond can be one of the most visually appealing ways to upgrade your backyard. Water can bring a soothing vibe to any design, and adding a waterfall also creates attractive white noise. From there, it can be customized with features like underwater lights, fish, and aquatic plants to match your expectations for the aesthetic. Then, you can create your own little ecosystem, and the whole family can enjoy wildlife stopping by to visit.

The Maintenance

A pond is open to the elements and wildlife, so it will need routine cleanup—especially if you have fish in them. Water that’s too dirty or has lost its optimal oxygen level can kill the fish and other aquatic plants. Plus, too much debris in the pond will hurt its visual appeal and make it look unkept. A filtration system will be ideal to keep the water moving and filter out some of those harmful contaminants, and it will need routine inspections to make sure it’s working correctly. In general, a pond can be a lot of maintenance, but it’s similar to what a pool would require.

The Relaxation

Water features can be a very relaxing addition to your backyard. Adding some benches or chairs around the edge allows anyone to sit and enjoy the sound of moving water or the tranquil sight it supplies. If you do choose to add fish, it can be entertaining to watch and feed them. On a hot day, you can even cool off by dipping your toes in.

The Cost

The cost of routine maintenance, especially if you need to hire help, should be taken into account when you plan for a pond. Its pump and filtration system will also add onto the cost of your energy bill. In terms of initial cost of installation, it will require a good amount of labor and prep time. Local building codes will require different additions, such as a limit on how deep they can go, and a permit will need to be obtained beforehand. The site will also need to be inspected to make sure there are no utility wires or other potential underground issues.

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