Once you’ve decided on a landscape design, an essential part of its overall fucntionality will center around the lighting. Many homeowners enjoy using their outdoor living at night, which means you’ll need more than just a porch light to navigate the area safely. Here are some additions the landscape designer will consider:

Area lighting

Downlighting typically goes around pathways, steps, and flower beds to help your landscape be more accessible at night. They can be motion sensored as well to act as a safety precaution. Some options include:

Path and Area Lights: these typically extend out of the ground and shine down onto a walkway so it’s safe and easy to move around.

In-Ground Lights: these lights are great for adding light without making a space look too busy. They are usually level with the ground and work well for pool decks.

Accent Lights: these lights are great for putting a spotlight on certain parts of your landscape such as structures, trees, columns, and more.

Pool lights

Adding lights to the inside of the pool and the pavement around it helps everyone stay safe when swimming at night. Underwater lighting also gives you options in terms of colors. For a more dramatic finish, you can install ones with special features to set the mood.


Acting as a social addition and for aesthetics, fireplaces are the perfect place to hang out at night. They provide warmth and a spot to cook campfire food depending on the type of fireplace. However, it may not always be plausible to have it on if it’s a hot day.


This fire feature option does well adding light and warmth to an outdoor living space. They go well with patio designs so those sitting around for a chat can enjoy the ambiance.

Pergola/Pavilion lights

An especially popular design in recent years, adding hanging lights to a pergola or pavilion adds light and style. Rustic lightbulbs have become the top choice, and there are countless options on the market made specifically to withstand the elements.

All of this lighting requires careful design as it will need wiring throughout the area, which requires an expert’s hand. Outdoor Innovations has been in business since 2007 and excels at large-scale projects like pool construction, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and paver patios.