When you’re looking to improve your landscape, there are a wide variety of hardscape options to choose. Here are some reasons why a retaining wall might be just the thing it needs.

Increase Property Value

Retaining walls are highly sought after for many reasons: they add function, style, and versatility to your landscape. They are often a balanced mix of soft- and hardscape, which makes them a beautiful focal point in the design. The pavers used can add a certain vibe to the space, and the softscape areas can hold easy-to-manage bushes or a variety of flowers. It gives the homeowner a wide variety of options, so they can get creative with the landscape designer.

Low Maintenance

They are also a low maintenance addition and quite durable against the harsh freeze-thaw effect since they’re typically made with pavers. If they need repairs, it’s typically smaller needs like replacing a paver. As the wall ages, it will need more extensive repairs or replacement, but it takes a while to get to that stage.

Prevent Erosion

When retaining walls are being designed, landscapers have to take into account how stormwater affects your property. A properly designed retaining wall can actually provide flooding control benefits to better guide water away from your home and prevent it from damaging the landscape. By controlling the speed of water runoff, it also lessens the effect of erosion on your property over time.

Optimize Space

It’s more common than not for landscape on Minnesota properties to have some hilly areas, which can make it difficult to use the land. Adding in a retaining wall can create tiered levels of whatever you wish to fill it with: for example, softscapes like a garden or hardscapes like a fire pit area. It creates a functional use out of space that might have been unusable before, and it improves the overall aesthetic.

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