Both homeowners and landscapers can agree: designing the new landscape is one of the biggest highlights of the whole process. When planning an outdoor kitchen, there are many features to think about. While a custom job allows your imagination to go wild, we’ve found some staples that are always appreciated.




One of the best parts of having an outdoor kitchen: the chance to grill out. There are many different grills on the market, so be sure to shop around. Our team can help find one with the features you desire and that aligns within the project’s appliance budget.


Outdoor Fridge


To avoid going in and out of the house, bring all of your chilled food outside when you’re cooking. Then you don’t have to worry about your meat if you’re making large quantities. Instead, just store it in the outdoor fridge.




All of the common accessories you keep in your kitchen can also be stocked up in your outdoor kitchen. Choosing reinforced, outdoor-proof options will keep them safe no matter the weather.


Pull-Out Trash


As with all cooking, you will probably produce some trash as you’re using your kitchen. You will need the right type of outdoor trash receptacle, however, that can withstand the elements and keep out any potential animals. It’s best practice to empty out the trash after use to avoid that, but with all the fun you’ll be having, it can be forgotten.




Make cleanup a breeze by adding a sink in your outdoor kitchen. You can easily wash up utensils, pans, and plates after eating so they don’t attract animals or bugs.




A must-have for any kitchen. Having a lot of counter space will also make using your outdoor kitchen so much easier.




To avoid having to add in a vent, you can go with a pergola structure. It allows partial coverage so you get decent shade without completely closing in the space.


Ice Maker


There’s nothing better than having an ice-cold drink on a hot day, and you can get it right from your outdoor kitchen. It’s also convenient for a party if you need to fill up a cooler with ice.


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