Adding an in-ground pool to your backyard has become more popular than ever. Homeowners are looking for ways to maximize the value of their home and add some entertainment. Avoiding the public pools for your own at-home pool makes it easy to relax. Plus, you feel better knowing your kids are swimming in properly sanitized water. No matter which of the pool water types you choose, they need to maintain a certain amount of sanitizer to be safe for all swimmers.


Some of the most popular types of pool water include:




As the classic pool water option, chlorine still presents the most popular option for pools. It kills bacteria well and also helps keep the pool clean throughout the summer. Chlorine water is achieved through three types of products: liquid chlorine, chlorine tablets, and granular chlorine. It’s easy to buy in bulk, which can make them a cost-effective choice for homeowners. Although, it does need a lot of maintenance and the chlorine levels should be checked weekly. If the chemical levels are too high or it doesn’t have enough time to settle, it can irritate the skin and dehydrate it quickly.




While homeowners may think this option compares to ocean water, it’s actually completely different. Saltwater gets the name from the way it uses pool salt to cleanse the pool instead of pure chlorine. Once added to the water, the salts will produce sodium chloride naturally. It keeps the pool clean with fewer chemicals, which can do wonders for your skin if chlorine pools irritate it. It’s said that saltwater pools are softer to swim through, and it can make the swimming more fun. However, it should be noted how the salt can damage pool equipment because of their corrosive attributes.




Like saltwater, pools filled with mineral water are said to be softer and less irritating on the skin. It uses specific minerals to sanitize the water such as magnesium, copper, silver, or zinc, to name a few. However, those are often not enough to fully cleanse, and small amounts of chlorine are also included for proper sanitization. As a bonus, this pool water type is less harsh on pool equipment compared to saltwater and does not corrode.


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