Whether you’re looking to add a patio, pathway, or pool deck to your landscape, the question becomes: what kind of pavement should you choose? There are many considerations to take into account. In terms of a solid investment, however, paver patios present one of the best ways to improve your landscape for many reasons.

What are pavers?

Pavers, or paving stones, are typically made of brick, cement, clay, and other stone. They are used for flooring in landscape jobs as an alternative to concrete slabs. They offer a variety of benefits that make them the preferred choice for many landscapers.


Unlike a poured concrete patio, which consists of large concrete slabs, pavers use many smaller cut stones to form a floor. When the freeze-thaw hits, the benefits of that design really show. A concrete slab is prone to cracking and breaking as the larger surface area moves with the ground. The stones in a paver patio move easier with the expanding and contracting soil, so they don’t damage quite as easily.

Design Versatility

Paving stones allow customization in size, color, material, and design. The most common shapes you will see are square or rectangle, but they can also include more unique ones like triangles. It allows a one-of-a-kind pattern to be installed, and you can even switch up the colors to include a mix of them. No matter the style you’re incorporating, modern or rustic, it can be achieved through the right pavers.

Easy Repairs

If a paver patio does get damaged, it’s much easier to repair. A concrete slab would need to be completely demolished and re-poured if they wanted to avoid the look of repaired cracks. Pavers, however, can be individually taken out and replaced. The only issue could be finding replacements if the materials have been discontinued, but it’s a rare problem.

Cost Benefits

While the initial price of pavers will be more than poured concrete, it’s a great investment for your home. The repair costs are typically lower overall, and it will not need to be replaced as often as concrete slabs—especially in a four-season climate like Minnesota. Plus, adding a paver patio, pathway, or pool deck increases the overall value of your home.

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