We’re so excited to show you an inside look at a recent modern backyard project we finished! Seeing the original idea go from a 2D design to an actual landscape never gets old—especially when we finally get to show the clients their fully completed outdoor living area! Our experts handled this entire job, from design to installation, and it perfectly showcases the high-end work we’re known for in the Twin Cities. 

For this job, we worked with clients that wanted their landscape to match their newly constructed home. They were looking for a consistent style across all aspects of their property, so we made sure the plans were perfect before breaking ground. 

Modern backyard bar with wooden pergola and softscape around it

After discussing with the clients, we planned out an extensive landscaping job that included: 

  • Custom pool 
  • Pool deck 
  • Boulder wall 
  • Pergola
  • Custom privacy wall 
  • Outdoor kitchen 
  • Under decking 
  • Softscapes 

Throughout the process, we maintained the client’s request for a modern, high-end design in their backyard. Some of the solutions we recommended included under decking, granite, and custom outdoor kitchen items. They also wanted a softscape that would be easy to manage, so we planned a design that included regional plants, trees, mulch, sod, and irrigation. With the right plants and irrigation, gardens and accent plots do not require a lot of maintenance. 

Modern home and backyard design

Although, before anything can begin, our team works on gathering the proper permits, which requires communicating with city officials. We are also experts in stormwater management, which helps your landscape work with the elements around your home. When landscapers don’t follow stormwater management standards, homeowners might notice water isn’t guided away from the home and the land starts to erode over time. Addressing these issues during the installation process means you truly invest in the longevity of your landscape! 

View of modern backyard with in ground pool and lounge chairs

Once we had all the necessary permits in place, we got to work on installing the custom pool and then all of the other features around it. Due to issues outside of our control, there were some delays in the process, but we made sure to keep the clients up to date on everything. Good communication takes priority when we’re working around your home. 

Don’t just take it from us—the client also supplied us with a testimonial. 

“Here are a couple of bullets from our experience: 

  • Asher visited and did a site walk with us in person and listened to our list of desires for our landscaping and pool area. 
  • He drew up a plan quickly and sent it for review, we made a few tweaks, but the start that he had was really helpful to see. 
  • We already had an arrangement with the pool installer, but outdoor innovations partnered with them seamlessly to line up the work to happen as efficiently as it could. 
  • During the process, Eric was extremely knowledgeable and kept us updated on when to expect various stages to start/stop, and was our main conduit of communication. 
  • The entire crew was always very friendly and helpful if we had questions about the process. 
  • The finished product turned out spectacular.  Our friends and family love coming to our backyard area and refer to it as an “oasis”.  
  • After winter passed, outdoor innovations came back to check on all of the landscaping and make adjustments as needed – including replacing one tree that didn’t make it through at no cost to us. 

While the total amount of time was longer than we expected (COVID driven, mostly), we were more than satisfied with the outcome and have enjoyed our first full summer with our new yard immensely.” 

Thank you to these awesome clients for being patient and trusting the process. We’re so glad you got to enjoy your new landscape to its full extent! 

Want to get the most out of your property? Outdoor Innovations specializes in luxury landscaping jobs, and we are equipped to complete the entire pool installation process. Give us a call to discuss how you can get the yard of your dreams.