Once you’ve decided you want to upgrade your outdoor living space, what do you think about adding? Maybe a full paver patio, a custom pool, or an outdoor kitchen? The sky’s the limit when you’re starting to picture your dream landscape, and you shouldn’t forget about one of the coziest elements to include: a patio fire feature.  

Between the three most popular options—fireplace, fire pit, and fire table—you have so many ways to create a warm space. A fireplace works well in an outdoor living area where you have comfy chairs and maybe even a TV. If you’re looking for a place to gather, a fire pit is designed to let you set up seats all around it so everyone can chat easily. A fire table also allows you to sit around and talk, but you can do it with a place to set your food and drink. 

Between the options, there are many reasons why you should think about adding one of these features. 


A fire feature naturally becomes the focal point in an interior room, and the same can be said for landscape design. They come in so many styles and designs that it’s easy to match it to whatever you want the yard to be—modern or rustic. 


Fire adds a comforting vibe to your landscape by giving you and your guests a place to warm up and gather. Even if it’s cold outside, you can curl up by the fire to stay warm and enjoy the fresh air. For many homeowners, this lets them enjoy their landscaping well into the fall season. 


Depending on the type of fire feature you have, you can use it for cooking. Imagine a party where guests can have fun making themselves s’mores or roasting hot dogs. It’s a great way to add an activity to your gathering. 


It’s natural for us to gravitate towards a fire, no matter which type of feature your landscaping includes. A fire pit really lets you maximize the space with a 360 area for sitting, so everyone can easily chat. 

Natural Lighting 

All landscaping should have proper lighting, but it’s nice to turn it off once in a while for a natural fireside glow.  

Not sure where to start on adding a patio fire feature to your outdoor living? Our experts would be happy to start discussing your project and what will work best. Outdoor Innovations has been in business since 2007 and excels at large-scale projects like pool construction, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and paver patios.