Living in Minnesota, we often find ourselves cozied up indoors during the winter. But for homeowners who have invested in their landscaping, they want to be able to use it for as many months as possible. We’ve got quite a way to go before it’s time to hop in the pool again, but there are several ways that you can use your landscaping year-round. 

Fire Feature 

Whether it’s a gas or wood fireplace, fire pit, or fire pit table, a heat source is a must-have in order to comfortably use your backyard in the winter. Gas or wood fireplaces look stunning and can be built with a variety of materials, and fire pit tables provide a space to eat outdoors while staying warm.  

Patio Heaters 

Gas patio heaters are fairly inexpensive and provide a lot of heat to keep you comfortable. You can keep them in storage during the year and bring them out for the winter since they’re portable. They also don’t take up much space at all, making them a convenient option for a backyard that doesn’t have room for a fire pit. 

Four-Season Porch 

For homeowners who aren’t big fans of the cold, installing an enclosed porch still allows you to enjoy the sights of your landscaping while keeping warm. We can also install an outdoor kitchen on the patio so you get that feeling of grilling outdoors while staying protected from the elements.  

Hot Tub 

A hot tub is a great investment to enjoy your backyard all year long! Stepping into a hot tub on a chilly winter day feels incredible and allows you to stay outside for as long as you’d like. It’s also a good way to encourage family and friends to get outside and spend some time together.  

Pergola Curtains 

If your outdoor structure isn’t enclosed, adding curtains to it can help protect you from the cold wind. Curtains also look lovely and can really enhance the space as well. Choose your material and color to fit the aesthetic, and enjoy! 

Pillows & Blankets 

In addition to bundling up to relax on the patio, adding pillows and blankets provides extra comfort and warmth. Of course, you’ll want to keep these comfort items indoors until you’re ready to head outside.  


The experts at Outdoor Innovations will design, plan, and install the necessary structures and features to help you enjoy your landscaping year-round. We’ve been specializing in luxury landscaping jobs since 2007.