Whether you’re installing a pool, adding an outdoor kitchen, or completely renovating your backyard, it’s not cheap. Creating the landscape of your dreams may feel like a splurge, but in reality, it’s an investment. If you’re on the fence about updating your landscaping, here are just a few benefits: 

Increases home value 

One major reason that homeowners invest in their landscaping is that it boosts curb appeal and increases their home’s value. The ROI varies based on the project, but in many cases, homeowners receive a full return on their investment, if not more. However, it is essential that you maintain it—no overgrown greenery or cracked concrete, for example.  

Entertainment space 

For those who love to entertain, upgrading your landscape is just common sense! A pool, pergola, fire feature, outdoor movie theater, and outdoor kitchen will make your backyard the place to be. In fact, having the backyard of your dreams is even more reason to have guests over!  

Getting outside 

All too often, we find ourselves indoors and looking at screens. Having an oasis in your backyard is a huge reason to get outdoors and enjoy the weather! Because we only have so many months to enjoy the warmth in Minnesota, it’s important to soak up the sun while you can. But if you plan accordingly with the right design, you can use your landscaping year-round.  

Low maintenance 

Getting sick of mowing and watering the lawn? By adding hardscape like a patio or pool it takes up a lot of that mowing area, and the right kind of softscape—shrubs, rocks, low-maintenance plants—saves you time as well. It’s less maintenance than a lawn, and it looks incredible too! 

Quality family time 

Having a dedicated space where you can relax and have fun with your family is a great reason to invest in your landscaping. For families with kids, just imagine all the great memories they’ll have of summers spent in the pool or outdoor movie nights.  


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