A swimming pool by itself can look stunning, but you can elevate it so much more with the surrounding landscape. There are so many options when it comes to designing the landscape around your pool, so we’ve gathered a few ideas to help you out.  

Water features 

That’s right, surround your pool with more water! Having ponds and flowing water features around the pool creates that oasis that many homeowners want. The sounds of flowing water are relaxing and can make the area feel like a spa. 


Like in the above photo, you can opt to have the pool surrounded by pavers. This is a great choice if you’re including additions like a pergola or outdoor bar. If you prefer to have a little more yard, you can choose paver pathways instead. 

Plant life 

Creeping plants are the perfect way to keep your backyard feeling natural and looking lively. Having plants surrounding a pool can also make you feel like you’ve escaped to another place, perhaps somewhere tropical. 

Rocks & boulders 

If you have a hot tub in addition to a pool, a unique way to connect the two is to have a rock and boulder pathway from one to the other. Even without a hot tub, surrounding your pool with rocks, boulders, and pebbles adds some texture and depth to the area.  


For people who prefer to limit the hardscape around their pool and keep a grassy area, hedges are a classy and attractive option. They add some height to your backyard and complement your existing softscape.  

The size of your pool deck does depend on how big your backyard is, but it also varies depending on what you’d like in the surrounding area. We also suggest adding in a couple of fire features, like torches or fire bowls, to make those night swims brighter and warmer.  

We love working with our clients to create the backyard of their dreams—to get started on your oasis, give us a call or contact us through our website.