Swimming Pools

Thinking about putting in a swimming pool but don’t know where to start?  Start with the experts!  Outdoor Innovations has been designing and building swimming pool projects since we started.  We are experts in the residential swimming pool build process and can help with all aspects from levelling an area, installing the pool, all the way to putting in the last piece of sod to finish the yard.

The swimming pool process generally starts with a landscape design to get a budget dialed in.  From there, the design is revised and the coordination begins.  Swimming pool projects are large in scale and require expert knowledge and installation techniques in our climate so that they last a very long time.  Schedule a free initial consultation with one of the owners today!

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living encompasses a lot of different areas of outdoor entertainment and outdoor spaces.  From full outdoor kitchens to simple fire pits, Outdoor Innovations has built and installed just about everything.  Things like outdoor lighting and outdoor speakers can be the small added touch that puts your landscape project on another level and will make your neighbors jealous!

Outdoor Structures

Need shade?  A place to hang out?  A place to put all of your pool toys?  We have built many structures to solve the needs and dreams of our clients.  From simple pergolas over a patio to full pool houses – we can design and build anything to fit your goals and budgets.

Pergolas that are built and sized correctly for the space, pavilions that give space to hang out with friends and family, pool houses that allow you to stay outside by the pool and not in the main home, simple arbors and trellis’s for unique design accents – ALL designed and built custom for you and your space.  Schedule a meeting with one of the owners today to get your design started!


Outdoor Innovations Landscaping is the best paver installer in the Twin Cities!  The key to all pavement installations in our geographic location is the base layer under your pavers.  Outdoor Innovations only uses the best compactable material, the best pavers, and the best installation techniques to ensure your pavers will last a lifetime!

Pavers utilize a “bend and not break” philosophy in order to get through our brutal freeze-thaw cycles.  If you are sick of cracked, heaved, and broken concrete – take a look at what pavers can do.

We have designed thousands of paver projects over the years and can help you create and build any sidewalk, patio, driveway, or pool deck that will last!  The options for pavers are endless, but the options for the best installers are not.  Set up a meeting with the owners of Outdoor Innovations today to see what can work best for you!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls require thorough knowledge of structural soil integrity, installation techniques, and water management in order for them to last a long, long time.  Outdoor Innovations Landscaping has built just about every style of retaining wall, and has worked with every soil type in order to bring structural solutions to residential and commercial sites.  Soil stabilization and water management are just a couple of key aspects to keep in mind when we build walls.  We will never compromise strength when it comes to any retaining wall installation.

There are several styles of walls to choose from including segmental retaining walls, boulder walls, concrete walls, natural stone walls, large scale commercial block walls, DOT approved walls, rock lakeshores and riprap; you name it – we’ve done it.  Every place we look at will have different requirements and design limitations, but we are experts at building retaining walls and can help you build any wall you need.  Call us today for a free on-site consultation!

Landscape Design

Outdoor Innovations has the ability to create one of a kind landscapes using state of the art Dynascapes CAD design software. With a custom landscape design from Outdoor Innovations, you can be sure your yard will be the envy of all of your neighbors. Here is an overview of our typical process, from initial meeting all the way to project completion.

Water Features

The addition of colorful, healthy plants and grass to every landscape is the key to bringing a project together.  Outdoor Innovations has been designing and installing plants and other softscapes since it started and can help you create a beautiful finish to your home.  From low maintenance plantings to full gardens – we can help design anything you wish!

Plantings aren’t the only softscape to think of.  What kind of grass do you need – sod, hydroseed, direct seed, slit seed, wildflowers and prairie grass – we can help you decide!  And of course, we need to help it all grow – irrigation is the solution.  We can design and install new irrigation systems or retrofit existing systems to be sure your softscapes are well cared for.

Snow Plowing

Outdoor Innovations provides commercial snowplow services to all business and property types.  We have a large fleet of heavy equipment, trucks, salting equipment, and shoveling crews to keep your property looking good and safe throughout the winter months.  We service the greater metro area.  With several contract types available, we can provide a quote in any format to fit your budgets and needs.  Contact us today!


We design and build in-ground pools, paver decks, outdoor fireplaces, and kitchens to make your outdoor living paradise a reality.